Center Director: Ashton Sollis


5735 Harrison Blvd.
South Ogden, UT 84403
(801) 810-6826


Mon – Fri 3pm – 7pm
Sat 10am – 4pm


Sensei Kyle

Sensei Kyle is a sophomore at the Weber State University studying computer science! He is fluent in Java, JavaScript, C++, Python and HTML/CSS. Kyle enjoys logical puzzles and has lots of fun solving problems which is why he loves programming. Sensei Kyle loves to play strategy and video games.

Favorite Game: Yu-Gi-Oh

Sensei Jadon

Sensei Jadon is going to school at Weber State University for Computer Engineering. The languages he knows are JavaScript, Java, C++, and Python. Jadon plays the cello and enjoys playing games like Portal and Celeste. He has been coding for nearly 3 years and learned a lot from doing so. Jadon loves working here at Code Ninjas and problem solving in a different ways thinking in code. He loves how computers work and being able to teach that to others.

Favorite Game: Portal